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Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce endorses Paul Vallas for Chicago Mayor 


The Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (IHCC), the most powerful organization of Hispanic businesses in the state, endorsed the candidacy of Paul Vallas for mayor of Chicago.

  Vallas, a former director of Chicago Public Schools, is facing Cook County Commissioner and teacher, Brandon Johnson, in a runoff election on April 4.

    “After meeting with both candidates and learning about their platforms, we believe that Paul Vallas is the best option for Chicago,” said IHCC President and CEO, Jaime di Paulo.

   “In these times it is important to talk about the issues that affect our community and economy. Latinos are a major economic force: they represent 30% of the population of Chicago,  and 17% in Illinois. Each year they contribute more than 100 billion dollars to the State’s economy’, he said.

   “Supporting Latino businesses is not only a moral obligation, but also an economic necessity that benefits everyone. As the vote approaches, it is crucial that the Latino community come out to vote for the leaders who will continue to support Hispanic businesses”, said di Paulo in a statement.

   “We need officials who look out for minorities as they also contribute to the local economy, generate revenue and encourage investment in the city. That’s why the IHCC Board of Directors is proud to support Paul Vallas as a candidate for mayor of Chicago”, he added. 

  “Vallas understands the challenges facing the Latino community and is committed to addressing them. His economic development plan is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to include businesses in City bids.

  With the election around the corner, the mayoral race for the city of Chicago appears close, according to a recent poll that gives Vallas a 46.3 % and Johnson 44.2%.

   Recently Johnson received an endorsement from Congressman Jesús ‘Chuy’ Garcia, who said he did not make the decision lightly.

    “I make it standing for the best interests of the progressive movement and without any other hesitation or reservation,” García said. “The choice is clear. Chicago is a city of strong public schools, thriving neighborhoods and progressive values. It is through this lens that I see Brandon Johnson as the right choice and why I’m endorsing him for Mayor”, said Garcia who last February failed in his dreams of being the mayor of the city.

    The IHCC decision comes after Vallas and Johnson shared their views on a number of issues affecting the community with the board and members of the business organization.

    “With a collective budget of $28 billion, it is vital to economic growth and democracy that city agencies prioritize the growth of local businesses in bidding decisions. We are confident that Vallas will prioritize the needs of Latino businesses and will work to ensure that 30% of leadership positions are filled by people who prioritize the needs of the Latino community”, said Di Paulo

    “The Democratic candidate is committed to building a fair system that includes all communities, especially Latinos. At the IHCC we are committed to advocating for the voices of Latino small businesses and entrepreneurs to be heard. Next April 4th, go vote for the candidate who best represents our interests and promotes our economic growth. Together, we can build a stronger, more vibrant, and more inclusive Chicago for all.

    Vallas also received an endorsement from the Latino Leadership Council, an organization made up of civic, business and elected leaders.