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The bet for the USHCC

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By Clemente Nicado (Editorial)
Jose Niño likes to joke that he has been associated with the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce since he was a “niño”.
 In fact, he was very young when in 1979, four decades ago, the institution was founded in Santa Fe, New Mexico and had as its first president the entrepreneur Nelson Rodríguez,  CEO of The Nelrod
  Niño is a living story of USHCC. He was its President and Executive Director from 1990 to 1998 and the architect of moving the organization to Washington D.C. and later create its Foundation.
   For José Niño, USHCC represents more than just a Hispanic business organization. “It is a vehicle to create leadership,” he says, “and create resources for the entire community,” he says.
   And he says it with the authority of a man who in four decades has only lost one Convention, who since his 20 years became enthusiastically involved with the USHCC, until he saw it grow to be the organization of Hispanic entrepreneurs with the greatest influence in the nation.
  True to his conviction, Niño is one of the businessmen who bets on the future of USHCC as a non-partisan organization that represents the interests of 4.2 million Latino business across the country.
  “I believe in USHCC, and I think its leader (Ramiro Cavazos) is doing an excellent job that deserves all our support and respect. I think the best days are coming,” he said.
  Niño was an obligatory consultation in our intention to publish a third special edition to celebrate in our way the 40 years of the organization in its convention of Albuquerque.
  Negocios Now can not be more grateful for the support received from Albuquerque leaders, corporate and the USHCC team that made this possible for an organization that shows pride in being a media partner.

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