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NMSDC will not accept ‘degraded views of inclusion as the new normal’


NMSDC will not accept ‘degraded views of inclusion as the new normal’ The National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) warned the upcoming White House administration that it will not accept radically “degraded views of inclusion and unity as the ‘new normal.”

In a written statement requested by Negocios Now for the Special Edition focused on “Supplier Diversity”, the NMSDC said that while it will continue to concentrate on the practical economic and logistical realities of its mission, the organization cannot ignore the new political climate.

After a contentious campaign, Donald Trump is making the transition from businessman and reality TV star to president of the United States. His derogatory comments on the campaign trail about immigrants, Latinos, blacks, women, Muslims and others have created a fair amount of anxiety among marginalized groups in this country as well as their allies.

Until Trump takes office in January, supporters and critics alike are left with mere speculation about how his campaign rhetoric will translate into action from the White House. But Joset Wright-Lacy, president of the National Minority Supplier Development Council, has a clear message during this time of transition.

“We must understand that disparagement of our mission – which, remember, was chartered in 1972 under a Republican administration – and of our constituency is unacceptable. We must demand that our political leaders understand the consequences of the hostile attitudes toward minorities that their words have fostered, and the consequences of actions that threaten to reverse years of progress in creating opportunities for minority business owners. And we must not accept radically degraded views of inclusion and unity as the ‘new normal,’” Wright-Lacy said in the prepared statement.

The National Minority Supplier Development Council exists to advance registered Asian, Black, Latino and Native American enterprises. It ensures its more than 1,750 corporate members meet supplier diversity goals by connecting them with more than 12,000 certified minority-owned businesses nationwide.

As Trump prepares to move his team into the White House, the NMSDC calls on advocates to re-energize inclusion efforts, embrace diversity in business and employment opportunities and transform corporate America in ways that encourage its leaders to recognize “that all Americans strive to make America great.”

“Our greatness, it is said, depends on our goodness,” Wright-Lacey said. “We will stand up for the good, the moral truth and our birthright, as citizens, to insist again that we are all created equal and will share equally in the bounty of our great nation.”