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Nallely De Jesús


Family Business Leader

Age: 33

Title: Vice President

Name of Organization: National Supermarket Association 

Nallely De Jesus is a second-generation Dominican-American from The Bronx currently serving as vice president of PWP Equities Corp, the parent company of her family’s nine-location supermarket chain that employs over 400 employees. In this position, she oversees operations, maintaining good accounting practices, and ensures continuity through workflow optimization procedures, standards, and supporting technologies. Her role as an emerging leader in the family business has drastically improved the bottom line, company morale, and the overall customer experience while elevating her to a position of respect and inspiration to others in the neighborhood.

De Jesus’s tenure with her family’s business has been a laborious climb that began at a very young age. Her father, having acquired his first supermarket in the mid-1990s after immigrating to the U.S. and working 80 to 90-hour weeks, raised Nallely as a hard worker determined to solve problems and give back to the community. Without access to daycare or the funds to afford it, De Jesus spent her childhood at the store with her family. Her experiences working her way up from entry-level positions beginning at the age of 13 has allowed her to truly learn and understand the impact and responsibility of her current position. Starting as a cashier, De Jesus learned the importance of good customer care while building what would quickly become a deep understanding of implementing efficient processes to reduce errors and redundancies while streamlining operating procedures. 

By the time she became a retail store manager in 2012, De Jesus was extremely well-versed in the complexities of supply chain logistics, inventory management, budgeting, and recordkeeping. Working in this position also gave her the authority to develop and implement store-wide operating procedures that drastically improved the bottom line, standardized training and operations protocols, and improved the customer experience. Since completing her bachelor’s program in business accounting in 2015 and attending an extensive Executive Leadership Development Program at Cornell University in 2019, her capabilities and strategic approach to business optimization have become extremely potent and highly leverageable assets.

Nallely also serves as the first female vice president of the National Supermarket Association, which represents

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