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Juan Carlos Viamontes

Juan Carlos Viamontes

Juan Carlos Viamontes

Championing leadership

Age: 39

Organization: PNC Bank

Title: Investment Advisor

Juan Carlos Viamontes has risen through the ranks of the banking and finance industry while championing leadership and advocacy for the Hispanic community in the Chicagoland area.

With a background spanning JPMorgan Chase, Merrill Lynch, and his current role at PNC Investments, Viamontes has established himself as a top investment advisor. Recognizing the lack of Hispanic representation in his community upon moving from Florida to Illinois, he founded the Vega & Viamontes Group, which was dedicated to providing financial services and education to underserved communities.

At PNC Investments, Viamontes stands out as one of only three investment advisors in Illinois who are certified to conduct business in Spanish. His commitment to serving Spanish-speaking clients has earned him recognition as a top performer in the company, leading in new investment relationships and being named the 2023 Market All-Star for top Investment Advisor in the Great Lakes region.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Viamontes has actively supported his community through volunteer work with organizations, including the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the Big Shoulders Fund. His advocacy extends to political engagement, where he has volunteered in two presidential campaigns, was elected as a precinct committeeman, and was selected to Governor Pritzker’s Decennial Committee for his local township.

Driven by his grandfather’s sacrifice and inspired to build a better future for his community, Viamontes is dedicated to empowering Latino families to achieve their financial goals. His work in promoting financial literacy and investment education has made a significant impact, ensuring that his Abuelo Juan’s legacy lives on through the success of Juan Carlos, his wife, Brittany, and their three children.

In an industry in which Latinos are severely underrepresented with less than 5% of advisors identifying as Hispanic or Latino, Viamontes has brought financial literacy and investment education to clients over his career and worked to even the playing field.

Words of Wisdom – “Imagine knowledge as our escalera to uncharted heights – no privilege or exclusive VIP passes required. With curiosity and a touch of courage, we can take the first step. Subamos juntos para descubrir los tesoros que nos esperan.”  – Juan Carlos Viamontes