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Emerging Tech Leadership Summit comes to Chicago


Emerging Tech Leadership Summit and Tech and Business Leaders Awards Luncheon comes to Chicago this June 23rd-24th.

The Emerging Tech Leaders Summit is a two-day technology event where you can learn, network, and grow throughout this event. There’s no way to single out any given moment where it can happen. When fully engaged in our Career and Tech Expo experience, the great startup collaborations, the networking and the tech talks with some of today’s greatest tech minds from across the country—you will get vital information to develop, grow and become part of a National Tech movement. That’s the power of TechLatino.

This year, Emerging Tech Leaders Summit is hitting the road to educate, motivate and inspire the next generation of Tech Leadership in America about how technology is changing everything – from how we shop, to how we eat, to how we learn.
“So far, we’ve spread the good word in Atlanta, this year we will also be in San Francisco and Washington DC, Boston. And now we’re coming to you, Chicago”, said José Marquez, CEO and President of TechLatino.

Join us for a day of killer keynotes, presentations and networking with peers and industry leaders who are shaking up the tech industry. We’ve carefully crafted an incredible lineup of presenters who are prepared to arm you with new strategies, insights and know-how to take your tech game and small business to the next level.