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Dahlia Mijarez: Caring for clients


Caring for clients

Dahlia Mijarez

Age: 27

Title: Assistant Vice President

Name of Organization: Fifth Third Ban

Dahlia is a passionate and strategic leader with an entrepreneurial mindset. She is focused on expanding access to capital, financial literacy, and creating generational wealth in Latinx communities.

Currently, Dahlia is an Assistant Vice President at Fifth Third Bank managing a portfolio totaling over $100 million in loan commitments. In this role, Dahlia supports and expands client relationships, specifically focusing on nonprofit and social service agencies.

Dahlia believes her role as a banker is to support communities by engaging in a true partnership with her clients – to learn the priorities of the management team and to help them achieve their mission through access to capital and access to the Bank’s networks.

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In addition to her work at the Bank, Dahlia is also Head of Membership for Angeles Investors, a national angel investor group focused on investing in and mentoring Latinx-led startup ventures. In this capacity, Dahlia focuses on recruiting angel investors who support the Angeles mission.

Specifically, she is eager to expand venture capital funding to female and Latinx founded companies.

Dahlia serves on the associate board of Allies for Community Business, a community lender that prioritizes working with entrepreneurs that have been traditionally underserved including Black and Latinx, women, and low-income entrepreneurs. Dahlia also serves on Fifth Third Bank’s Latino Business Resource Group helping to coordinate networking opportunities and volunteer efforts with Latinx serving nonprofits in Chicago. Outside of her professional life, Dahlia enjoys traveling, golfing, and eating at new restaurants in her South Loop neighborhood. 

Dahlia was a first generation graduate and earned a B.A. in Economics from Dominican University.

WORDS OF WISDOM:  Bring your whole self. In everything you do and any room you are in, bring your unique background and experiences to the table.