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Chicago Hispanic firm part of $75 million partnership to rebuild economy


By David Steinkraus

Chicago (Negocios Now)- IGNITE Cities, a Chicago-based technology consulting firm, is partnering with Qualcomm and JLC Infrastructure in a $75 million project to invest in smart technology in cities around the country.

George Burciaga is a managing partner of IGNITE and is an international thought leader for smart and connected. He has been honored by two U.S. presidents for contributions to government and technology leadership.

“Our work is not about small calculated projects; it’s about delivering a strategic plan and solutions that reshape our future,” Burciaga said in a press release.

Each partner brings an advantage to the project. JLC has a network of municipal and construction relationships. Qualcomm is a leading maker of computer chips and wireless technology solutions. IGNITE has expertise in municipal partnerships and resolving the complex issues that arise in government.

Initially, the partnership will focus on bringing smart devices to school campuses and then using smart technologies to improve management and safety on construction projects. For cities that lack a smart infrastructure, the partnership will help develop a long-term strategy for deploying technologies.

The smart cities movement aims to save citizens time and money by adjusting systems in real-time and giving citizens better access to information. For example, a connected transportation system could adjust traffic signals to remove bottlenecks and reduce commuting time for motorists.

In an article for the National League of Cities that he wrote in May, Burciaga said deploying smart technologies should be part of the rebuilding we undertake following the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic revealed many weaknesses in our society, he wrote. As we rethink our behaviors, we need to use technologies that equally and equitably connect everyone to everything, he wrote, and by advancing public internet connectivity, safety, and transit, we will help achieve social equity and sustainability.

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