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The power of Adela Ortega

 English version – Adela Ortega has much in common with the very locomotives that she rebuilds. She is a determined woman who pushes life’s train along, overcoming all obstacles on the track to success. When she founded Professional Locomotive Services, Inc. (PLS) in Illinois in 1996, a now decade-old company based in East Chicago, Indiana, […]

Dr. Juan Andrade Jr. to receive Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr. Juan Andrade Jr., one of the most highly decorated Latino leaders in the nation, will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award during Negocios Now Gala, on July 14, at the Hyatt Regency Chicago. Juan is only the fourth Latino in history to be honored by both the government of the United States and the government […]

Rulis Trucking helps get food from farm to table

Raúl Rosas Bravo has spent more than a million miles on the road in nearly two decades of driving – By Tara García Mathewson How often do you think about the distance food travels before ending up in your supermarket? Raúl Rosas Bravo has made it his job to think about that. He spends the […]

Abogada Carlina Tapia Ruano: La Supercarlina

La abogada Carlina Tapia-Ruano encontró en los inmigrantes su llamado como abogada   Por Michele Agudelo (Columbia College) “Aprendí a

Maria Guerra Lapacek, Mayor’s Director of Legislative Counsel and Government Affairs

Maria Guerra Lapacek is the Mayor’s Director of Legislative Counsel and Government Affairs, a key office that serves as liaison

José Aybar: “Somos el diamante desconocido de la comunidad”

El presidente de Daley College asegura en entrevista con Negocios Now que su institución da a sus estudiantes una educación

Touchdown con los Vikingos de Minessota

Juan Gaytán es de esos emprendedores que se abrazan a un sueño y no lo abandonan hasta conseguir –futbolísticamente hablando-

Cuando la comida mexicana se sirve con ‘Atzimba’

 Atzimba Pérez puede afirmar sin temor a equivocarse que su vida empresarial transcurre de banquete en banquete.   Mexicana de
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