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Obama Presidential Center construction brings opportunity to Latino businesses

Obama Presidential Center

The Obama Foundation has begun the long-awaited construction of the Obama Presidential Center in Jackson Park with a promise to contract with minority-owned businesses for the nearly $500 million project.

In a written statement to Negocios Now, an Obama Foundation spokeswoman said 50 percent of the subcontracting packages will go to diverse vendors, “fulfilling the belief that the team building the Center should look like the community it calls home.”

Obama chose the 19-acre site along Lake Michigan five years ago but delays have stemmed from lawsuits, a federal review required to locate the center on a historic site, and negotiations over affordable housing and other protections for the surrounding black community.

The foundation has already contracted with two Hispanic Woman-Owned Businesses to support the nascent project, Oui Oui Porta Potties and City Lights. It expects to contract many more, in part because it has broken up the bidding contracts into more than 160 bid packages, according to a spokeswoman, who said this is double the number one might normally see on a project of this size.

“It’s our hope that this will maximize participation of diverse businesses in the community,” she said.

The Obama Presidential Center will be a complex, including the museum, a new branch of the Chicago Public Library, an athletic and activity center, a playground,
redesigned park and garden areas, a Great Lawn and an area called The Forum, which will have collaborative and creative spaces, including an auditorium, a broadcast and recording studio, learning and meeting spaces, and a restaurant. The location, on the South Side, is not far from where the Obamas lived in Chicago.

Over the last five years, the Obama Foundation has faced pressure from the Hispanic American Construction Industry Association (HACIA) to include businesses owned by Latinos in the sprawling project. Once it had selected the center’s location, the foundation hired a group of five construction companies to manage the building
process, but none of them were owned by Latinos.

In 2018, the foundation promised HACIA executives it would work with member companies on upcoming projects. And the foundation has since committed to supporting diverse suppliers in the bidding process to help expand representation from their communities.

Now, as construction gets underway, Oui Oui Porta Potties and City Lights should be just the first of many Latino-owned businesses to have a hand in the project.

“We look forward to continuing to engage Latinx suppliers as the Center comes to life in the months and years ahead,” the foundation spokeswoman told Negocios Now.

Tara Garci?a Mathewson/Negocios Now

Renew Esthetics Medical Spa owner, Idalis Bailey, celebrates 15th anniversary

Renew Esthetics Medical Spa

New York, NY. October, 2021- The National Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated every year in the United States from September 15 to October 15; this is a time when people recognize the achievements and contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans to this country’s history. 

One of those Latino powerful icons is Idalis Bailey, also known as Idalis Beauty Savvy, who belongs to the aesthetic industry; she is the owner of Renew Esthetics Medical Spa, a company that has been specialized in laser services for hair removal and skin rejuvenation for 15 years located in Astoria Queens. During this month Idalis Bailey is celebrating special events, among them, the releasement of the best-seller book “Mujeres que se Atreven y Superan Límites” being her one of the 23 coauthors where she tells her history on how she became such a successful woman and everything that she had to go through as an entrepreneur. 

“Having the opportunity to tell my history to other women around the world is powerful, I know that many people can feel related to it and I hope it becomes an inspiration to them to stand up and make their dreams come true no matter the circumstances” said Idalis Bailey, who hosted a celebration in Renew Esthetics Medical SPA for all her coauthors in honor to the book success and the example that all of them are leaving for the community showing the achievements and contributions that Hispanics can bring to this beautiful country. 

On the other hand, this month Idalis celebrates 15th years anniversary of her business, Renew Esthetics Medical SPA, remaining stable in the market and becoming leaders in the industry of laser hair removal, Laser skin rejuvenation and chemical peeling in the NY area, offering effective and safe results to all their patients. 

“For us, it is a priority that each of our patients feel safe, accompanied and satisfied throughout the course of the treatment, that is why we have remained stable in the market and today we have the joy of celebrating 15 years of anniversary which fills me of happiness and pride”

Bailey is planning a big celebration with her staff, business allies and patients who have been by her side supporting their dreams and turning them into a reality. The celebration will be held at Astoria World Manors on October 22th and there’s going to be amazing surprises for all the guests, among them, the releasement of her new project “The Art of Skin care” which is a saga of 4 books that will provide professional knowledge and advices on how to take care of the skin each season, the fall edition is already out on amazon. 

“I can´t thank enough to my family, my team and patients that have been there for me all these years supporting my dreams and giving me the opportunity to become a global guide and professional reference on the beautiful world of skincare.” said Idalis Bailey

This Hispanic woman is definitely an example of determination and passion, the word impossible is not in her vocabulary! We send our congratulations to Idalis Bailey and Renew Esthetics Medical SPA, for many more years to reach in the aesthetic industry.

 Idalis Beauty Savvy

Idalis Bailey, also known as Idalis Beauty Savvy, was born and raised in Barranquilla, Colombia, where she graduated as a nurse from the Metropolitan University of Colombia, after moving to Buenos Aires, Argentina looking for new Horizons, she obtained an MBA in Marketing at the University from Palermo, in that country she had the opportunity to acquire a lot of experience and international knowledge.

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she arrived to New York in 2004, it was here that she managed to become a NY licensed professional aesthetician in order to build with her son Brian Sánchez, their own business, Renew Esthetics Medical Spa, located in Astoria, Queens, of which she is CEO-founder and has achieved 15 years of providing personalized aesthetic services that combine natural treatments and modern technology approved by the FDA, among which offers laser for skin rejuvenation and hair removal treatments, a wide variety of facials and weight control services.

With determination, professionalism, passion and the support of her talented son, Brian Sánchez who has become an expert in Digital Marketing in the aesthetic industry, Idalis has created a nationally recognized brand with patients throughout the state of New York and its surroundings, focusing on providing personalized services with the most innovative technology approved by the FDA to take care of the image, health and well-being of her patients.

In 2017, she created the Purple Star program in order to positively impact the lives of people who have been victims of Domestic Violence through free cosmetic services and empowerment sessions that help them fulfill their professional dreams.

Idalis Bailey is recognized nationally and internationally as a professional skin care specialist and expert in aesthetic laser treatments with a solid leadership in the market. In addition, through her personal brand Idalis Beauty Savvy, created in 2019, she provides advice, consultation and training in the field of digital marketing and aesthetic treatments, also participates as a speaker at different international events and is the host of Hash Time with Idalis, an online program designed to provide a window for experts and professionals with experience in the field who can share educational and innovative market topics with the audience.

Although Renew Esthetics Medical SPA had to close its doors temporarily due to the global crisis experienced during 2020, they managed to keep working remotely, advancing many projects that were on hold. Among them, the moving of the business to a bigger, more commercial and strategically located place to achieve greater visibility and comfort for their patients. This is how the Grand Re-opening of their new location was held in October 2020 with great enthusiasm and pride, this has been a growth engine for the company, leading them to a higher professional status in the area.

Among the most outstanding achievements of the company, we can name the special recognition as “Best Small Business” by the City Council of NYC, the awards received by Aesthetics Everything as “Top Aesthetic Nurse”, “Top Esthetician” and “Top Medical Spa East”. Idalis Bailey was also nominated as Notable Women Business Owners on Crain’s New York 2021 list, and co-author of the best-selling book “Mujeres que se atreven y superan Limites”, in addition, author of her book “The Art of Skin Care” consisting of a saga of 4 volumes divided by season, of which the autumn season edition has already been released.

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United Yard transformará New City

United Yard transformará New City

Proyecto de más de 50 millones de dólares tendrá un gran impacto en este sector de Chicago.

Blackwood Group, Celadon Holdings y DesignBridge se han unido para un ambicioso proyecto en New City, en el suroeste de Chicago.

Se trata del United Yards, un proyecto de 51.5 millones de dólares, que incluye múltiples propiedades cerca de Ashland Avenue y la 47th Street.

La Alcaldía de Chicago anunció recientemente que la obra fue adjudicada a las tres empresas, como parte del programa INVEST South/West, con una inversión de 200 millones de dólares, que la ciudad impulsa en South Chicago, North Lawndale, Bronzeville y New City, con la participación de compañías propiedad de minorías.

“Nos sentimos muy orgullosos y afortunados de que la ciudad nos aceptó nuestra propuesta y nos va dar la oportunidad de hacer un desarrollo en la 47 y Ashland, en la comunidad de los ‘empacadores’. Es algo que hemos tratado de hacer desde hace bastante tiempo”, dijo a Negocios Now José Duarte, fundador de Blackwood Group.

El proyecto United Yard incluye la construcción de un edificio de apartamentos de vivienda asequible de 50 unidades en un lote baldío propiedad de la ciudad, que además tendrá un centro comunitario en el primer piso.

Asimismo, como parte del plan, se renovará un edificio comercial de cuatro pisos en la 4701 S. Ashland Ave, con 30 apartamentos de alquiler para personas mayores -senior living- y una cafetería en la planta baja.

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“Nuestra propuesta fue un poco diferente que las demás: no nos enfocamos solamente en un sitio, nos enfocamos en casi tres cuadras”, explicó Duarte, que destacó que el proyecto va a “transformar” esa parte de la comunidad.

“Va a ser un desarrollo que la comunidad va a estar bastante orgullosa porque va a tener unos edificios hermosos y también vamos a darle oportunidades a las empresas locales, a la gente que vive en la comunidad para trabajar en la construcción y también en las empresas que se van a crear en este proyecto”.

De acuerdo con la Alcaldía de Chicago, el proyecto creará 44 puestos de trabajo permanentes y más de 330 puestos de trabajo en la construcción.

El arquitecto Gabriel Ignacio Dziekiewicz, presidente de la firma DesignBridge, explicó a Negocios Now que el proyecto también incluye un parque público en una calle sin salida.

“Esta comunidad no tiene muchos espacios al aire libre, por lo que este parque público cambiará eso y creará una amenidad para la comunidad”, destacó Dziekiewicz, quien también dijo sentirse afortunado de ser parte del proyecto porque asegura tendrá un gran impacto en este sector de la ciudad.

Dziekiewicz indicó que en las próximas semanas tendrán reuniones con la comunidad para obtener retroalimentación y que esperan poder empezar a construir en otoño del próximo año.

“Este desarrollo invertirá millones de dólares en este vecindario que es muy necesario a medida que la ciudad se recupera de la pandemia”, dijo Jeanette Taylor, concejala del distrito 20, al hacer el anuncio sobre el proyecto.

“Con viviendas asequibles, un centro comercial y un espacio de programación para jóvenes, este desarrollo promoverá el crecimiento y las oportunidades en el vecindario Back of the Yards”, agregó.

Marcelo Wheelock/ Negocios Now