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Press Release in Spanish

Some may think that the press release is dead and boring. They may even say that it’s targeted to a wrong group of people. But that is not the case. The essence of a press release is to communicate. It can be written or recorded. Thus, it is a tool that helps announce the news in an objective way.

Even though English is considered a universal language, Spanish isn’t left behind. At Negocios Now we have shown our great interest in the Latino Community. It is very important for us to get information everywhere. There are many press releases that come out every day and on this page, we will have them reach you.

The Importance of a Release

News exists daily. But if we have people living in another country, it may be a bit more difficult to get them there. Well, here we have a space that will bring that information to you. Day by day things change and we like to keep you informed. They will never miss out on any of the news out there. Either in English or Spanish, we have a wide range of daily news for you. We aim to inform, whether it is business or something relevant to the Community.
Our “comunicado de prensa” aims to reach the Spanish speaking community. The publication reaches out to more than 15,000 Latino entrepreneurs in Illinois. Thus, our main goal is to inform in one of the most spoken languages. The Latino community only continues to grow and we take our work seriously. We want to inform the community is the best way possible. This is why we do extensive research and manage to communicate you press releases. Also, we inform Latino businesses on good business strategies. We connect companies that offer B2B services through our networking events. We want you to have all the opportunities and that is why we inform in a clear and efficient way. 

The Goal of a Press Release

The whole purpose of a press release is to get coverage, but also to get noticed by the target audience. Therefore, the main purpose is to promote something significant and, of course, to do so in a clear way.
Furthermore, it has three marketing and promotional purposes:
  • To notify the media and in doing so, spread the word.
  • To share information about a business. This can result in a reporter writing about it.
  • To advertise a business on the internet. It can be via blogs, social media and webpages.


What can we expect?

The best information and of the highest quality. You deserve to be aware of what is happening in Chicago and how it affects its inhabitants. If you are also thinking of starting a business here we have many resources that can guide you. We know the entrepreneurial part of the Community and we are here to support them.

About Negocios Now

This company has established itself as the leader in the written media. Specifically, a Spanish Newspaper. Founded 13 years ago and based in Chicago, this company has grown. Furthermore, over time it has been awarded for its publications. One of them being the Gold Award for its marketing newsletter. For us, it is very important to keep everyone updated with everything that has to do with businesses. Likewise, with other awards: One for Outstanding Business Article and Outstanding Business Section. We are aware of the importance of press releases in Spanish. This is why we want to reach the Spanish speaking audience so that they are also well informed.

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