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Why Negocios Now’s team is so happy with Isabel Rafferty Zavala’s story?



By Clemente Nicado, Publisher of Negocios Now-

I will never forget the call I received from investor Adela Cepeda to inform me that, thanks to an article published in Negocios Now about Angeles Investors, a Latina entrepreneur from New York had obtained an important investment.

   My first reaction was an explosion of pure joy, because since the creation of Negocios Now, 15 years ago, we have built bridges and opened doors to new opportunities for many.

   This story begins in December 2019 when we published an article about the existence of Angeles Investors, an initiative by Adela Cepeda and a group of Latino leaders, to invest in startups with growth potential.

     The article made it to Isabel Rafferty Zavala, the owner of Canela Media, who by then was seeking to raise $3 million dollars in seed money for her fledgling company.

Isabel contacted Adela and shortly after obtained an injection of project capital. At press time she had raised $32 million.

     I was happy for Isabel because as a small minority entrepreneur I know first-hand the challenges of searching and obtaining capital.

    I was proud of Angeles Investors, a group of enthusiastic Latino leaders that grows every day and is committed to funding the development of Latino companies throughout the country.

    The news made me emotional and reminded me of all the efforts that my team, partners and collaborators have made to make Negocios Now the valuable tool for Hispanic entrepreneurs it is today.

  I think of the many sponsors who have trusted in the Negocios Now brand and all those who have supported it.

   While this publication has received many national awards over the past 10 years, the news from Canela Media comes as a very special honor on the eve of our 15th anniversary celebration this coming July. I hope you can join us.