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Negocios Now celebrates the success of Chicago’s Hispanic community with  “Who’s Who In Hispanic Chicago” Special Edition and Gala Event, which will be held Friday, June 26, 2020. The goal of the event is not only to recognize Hispanic achievement but also to inspire other members of the community to similar endeavors.

For our Gala, Negocios Now will recognize leadership in the Hispanic community with a special award. Recipients will be chosen from the following categories: Business, Non-Profits, Media, Cultural & Education, Government, Healthcare and Corporate.

The deadline for submissions is Mach 31, 2020, when a selection committee will begin considering nominations.





  • The nominee should be a Hispanic shareholder with at least 51 percent of the company stock.
  • Company sales or gross revenue in the most recent fiscal year should be at least $1 million.
  • The business should have been in operation for at least five years and at least three years with a physical office.
  • The business should have at least five employees and be in good standing with the state of Illinois.

 Non Profits

  • The director, president or chairman of the board of the organization should be Latina or Latino.
  • The organization should have at least five years of operations and an annual budget of at least $1 million.
  • The organization should have had a significant, positive impact on the Hispanic community.
  • A Latino/Latina nominee who has a high-level position in a nonprofit that helps the Latino community is also personally eligible for this award.


  • The nominee should be a Latino or Latina serving as media director, anchor or reporter in print media, radio or television and have received recognition for outstanding performance. Prestigious awards, as well as the impact of this person’s work on the Hispanic community during the past five years, will be taken into consideration.

      Cultural & Education

  • The nominee should be a Hispanic professional with at least five years of outstanding performance leading an institution or cultural project that positively impacts the public by providing education to the Hispanic community in the state of Illinois.


  • Nominees should be Hispanic elected officials or hold high-level positions within the federal, state or local government. Candidates should be recognized for exemplary performance and for making a tangible, positive impact in the communities they represent. The nominee’s ethics and integrity also will be taken into consideration.

      Elected Officials

  • Nominees should be Hispanic and should have served in their elected position for at least four years, taking an active role as a legislator and promoting legislation to support the community in areas such as immigration, education, housing, and others.


  • Nominees should be Latino or Latina with high-level positions in a corporation. They will be evaluated on their outstanding service, experience or professional performance, as well as their relationship with the Hispanic community.


  • Nominees should be Latino doctors with outstanding performance in their area of expertise and should have received recognition from a professional health care organization.