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U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Names Fernand Fernandez Interim CEO


The Board of Directors of the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has named Fernand “Fern” Fernandez interim CEO and President. Mr. Fernandez, former Vice President Global Marketing for American Airlines, was supported unanimously for this interim position.

“I’m humbled by this opportunity and I look forward to working with the talented staff, partners and chambers who tirelessly foster Hispanic development,” said Fernandez.  “The USHCC is moving ahead and intends to be stronger than ever, while building trust among our constituents. The USHCC board and staff is committed to strengthening our partnership with local chambers and our members, and to help unite the communities that we serve,” added Fernandez

The USHCC Board of Directors has also established a Governance Committee that will work together with Mr. Fernandez to conduct a national search for a new, permanent CEO and President.  

“The reality is that we want to take a very methodical approach to who the permanent leader will be. We need to make sure we work with our team in DC but also work with our local chambers and our partners to really identify somebody who represents the chamber,” said Fernandez. We are really focused on bridging small businesses and giving them the fuel to succeed and continue to grow hispanic owned businesses and partnering them with some of our large partners.”, Fernandez said to Negocios Now.

“The USHCC appreciates the overwhelming support we have received from our members and sponsors during this transition,” said Don Salazar, Chairman of the Board of Directors. “We recognize the importance of moving expeditiously to safeguard the credibility and integrity of our organization.”

The U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce serves more than 4.4 million Hispanic businesses and is the voice of the Hispanic business community.

“I think the chamber has done a fantastic job at really advocating on behalf of Hispanics across the board. We need to continue to build those bridges and to have a dialog about these large corporations, board of directors, financial capital markets and capital markets, the local chambers and to really give them the tools to grow the businesses that they’re contemplating,” said Fernandez.


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