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Turning over a new leaf


Hector Fabregas, a sales and marketing executive with over 16 years of experience in media, has joined State Farm to lead his own office as an agent. Negocios Now had a chance to ask him some questions on what’s driving the move.

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After 19 years with Univision, Hector Fabregas decided to launch a new, independent venture under State Farm. Negocios Now sat down with him to get his insights and perspective.

Negocios Now: Why did you decide to start a new life as a State Farm agent?

Fabregas: I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. This spirit has been fueled by working with wonderful business owners over the years, and after 19 years at Univision it seemed like the perfect time to start my own business. The fact that my office is in the neighborhood I grew up in made the opportunity that much more exciting.

Negocios Now: Your new business doesn’t seem to have much to do with your previous role. Why is that?

Fabregas: It is a departure from my previous role, but the leadership skills, systems and team building have translated very well. The contacts I acquired and relationships I built over the years have been a key part of our success. I am humbled by the support I have received from former business partners and customers, and how generous they have been in sharing their experience as business owners. Most importantly the close ties I have maintained in my community through volunteer work over the years are a significant contributor to our growth.

Negocios Now: What did your previous role teach you about running a successful business?

Fabregas: Teamwork is the key to success! In many cases we spend more time with the people we work with than our families. Also, you must always focus on the process not the result, and with the right process, the results will follow.

Negocios Now: Why is this move right for you?

Fabregas: The brand itself gives me credibility and helps open opportunities. When structured properly it allows me to run a profitable business while truly serving the community in many ways. I can help through the products and services that I provide as a business and I can help local organizations and individuals during my personal time.

Negocios Now: What are your goals?

Fabregas: First and most importantly, I would like for my wife and my children to be proud of me and what I accomplish. As the owner of a small business, I can’t be successful without the support of my family. Additionally, working with youth has always been a passion of mine. I’d like to be a resource for our youth when it comes to planning for the future and protecting what they love. The end game is to give back to the community that I have close to my heart while also running a profitable business.