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Tiana Juarez: Champion of hope


Champion of hope

Tiana Juarez

Age: 30

Title: Founder

Name of Organization: Purpose in Grace LLC

Tiana “Tia” Juarez is a serial entrepreneur who has started two businesses, one to help people change their mindset and pursue their dreams, and the second to share the blessings she has received and to help other people struggling with difficult situations.

Growing up in Mexico, Juarez, learned the value of perseverance and hard work from her parents. She graduated from DePaul University with a bachelor’s degree in business leadership and marketing, and she had her first taste of small business working with a real estate and immigration attorney at a family-owned law firm.

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She was then inspired to launch Mpresaria LLC, an inclusive small business consulting firm that empowers others to change their mindset, follow their dreams, and break generational poverty. She truly believes that this generation is the one meant to break free of negative generational cycles and begin healing.

After facing stage 4 lymphoma during the height of the pandemic, Juarez found a new life through her faith and decided to share her experience and testimony through social media as she was undergoing chemotherapy. This led to her current passion project: Purpose in Grace, a faith-based brand that focuses on sharing God’s miracles through events, faith-inspired merchandise, and the Blessed in Purpose coaching program, which empowers others to dive deeper into their faith to have more joy and live a purpose-driven life.

In late 2021, she launched the first event of her I AM Blessed Tour, a platform meant to inspire, uplift, and give hope to people going through dark times. Part of the proceeds help families facing a cancer diagnosis.

“We all have a purpose. See the vision, have faith, and take action. There are no failures, only accumulated experience and lessons. You’re one of a kind and only you can do what you do, the way you do it. Why not give it your all. What can happen? You learn and improve.”