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Dr. Emilio Carrillo

Age: 39

Title: Founder/ Doctor of Dental Surgery

Name of Organization: FMR Center and FMR Chicago


Dr. Emilio Carrillo Chicago’s TOP Cosmetic Dentist / DR. EMILIO CARRILLO, DDS

Dr. Emilio Carrillo, founder of FMR Center and FMR Chicago, is a native Chicagoan who believes that one of the fundamental aspects of his work as a cosmetic dentist is his search for the perfect combination of shade, texture and the type of material to be used for teeth.

He graduated in 2014 with a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree after achieving honors in aesthetic dentistry at New York University, a top dentistry school. The unique structure of the aesthetic dentistry program combined with the leadership from the pioneering dentists in cosmetic dentistry gave Carrillo an opportunity to learn the science and artistry required to become an innovative leader in this field. 

Carrillo incorporates principles of facial cosmetic symmetry into his dental work, better known as dento-facial analysis. By utilizing these principles as his foundational guide during the design process, he carefully hand-sculpts each tooth to create individuality while also implementing functionality for each patient. Every cosmetic case is tailored to the expectations of the patient so that from the beginning of the design process, the patient has the opportunity to modify the color, shape, and length of the teeth they have chosen to redesign with veneers or crowns.

He imparts the patient’s requirements with detail-oriented dental ceramists who produce the highest quality dental materials on the market today. The result is a natural, healthy-looking smile that gives patients a feeling of youthfulness and confidence.


“To be entrusted to enhance someone’s face along with someone’s smile and to restore their youth and overall confidence requires extensive knowledge and practice.  It only comes with hard work and endless hours of practice. Whatever you may do, always strive to be the absolute best in your field!”


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