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The New York Times calls for supporting local media, Negocios Now is included on its list


 The New York Times is calling for the support of local journalism that has been impacted by the pandemic saying that it is more important than ever.

  “Local journalism is in crisis and at risk of disappearing. These vital resources are critical to the safety, security, and knowledge of our communities, never more so than in these difficult times”, stated the publication.

   The Times adds that “On World Press Freedom Day and every day, we encourage you to find a local news organization you trust and support it”.

   This database was provided by the Association of Alternative Newsmedia (AAN), the Institute for Nonprofit News (INN), Local Independent Online News Publishers (LION), the National Association of Hispanic Publications (NAHP), the News Media Alliance (NMA) and the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA)

  Fanny Miller, president of NAHP applauded the support of the NYT, adding that the mission to report appropriately, primarily in the Spanish language, can save lives.

 “Our mission is at risk due to the increasing lack of resources. need the support of the Government to be able to continue with our mission to inform, educate, and assist our readers, particularly at this very difficult time”, said Miller.

  “Never before has the community of local and ethnic media newspapers been more important than it is today when so many of our people are victims of the deadly pandemic COVID-19”.     

    Miller noted that hundreds of thousands of Latinos are serving on the frontlines of the struggle to suppress the pandemic while providing essential services to those who are able to stay at home”, said Miller.

   “Amid the confusion and a barrage of fake news on social media, community media plays a key role in bringing official information and reliable sources to our readers. 

 Clemente Nicado, CEO of Nicado Publishing Company, said he was grateful that his publication Negocios Now has been included on the Time’s list, as a member of NAHP.

  “I thank the New York Times for its effort to draw attention to the importance of supporting community publications that today are torn between surviving as small businesses and informing the community when it is most needed,” said Clemente Nicado, publisher of the Nicado Publishing Company. , Inc.

   “As NAHP Regional Director for Hispanic media in the Midwest, I am calling on government at all levels to support community newspapers in their mission to professionally inform the community,” he said.

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