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Blad Moreno

Age: 39

Title: Sketch Writer, Improvisational actor/director, technology Consultant.

Name of Organization: Beyond the Language


Blad Moreno was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela and for the first half of his career he was dedicated to academic music. Later on his interest to create and promote traditional Venezuelan music led him to be co-founder of the music ensembles, “3 y Cuatro” and “Buena Gente,” a fusion of Jazz, Gospel and Venezuelan traditional music.

Moreno is a member of the Latin Recording Academy and is a voting member of the Latin Grammy awards.

He began his journey on the stage as an actor in 2009 after receiving training with the Experimental Theater Workshop Professional Academy. He became a main player of the Venezuelan Improv League and in 2011, studying with the International Diploma of Improvisational Theater at El Bosque University in Bogotá, Colombia. When he returned to Venezuela, he became an Improvisational Theater advocate. He trained hundreds of performers in this technique, resulting in the creation of improv companies throughout Venezuela.

His reputation with unscripted theater in his native country led to Moreno being awarded a scholarship to study at the Second City Training Center in Chicago in 2014. He was granted his “Green Card” after gaining the status of Extraordinary Ability Individual, to continue his career as an actor, improviser and improv teacher. He tours the US with his bilingual duo Improñol and is a founding member and coach of Generation LatinX at iO Theater.

Moreno graduated with honors with a bachelor’s of science in computer science from the Universidad Experimental del Tachira (UNET) in Venezuela and is a consultant in the Intelligent Engineering Service practice at Accenture, where he offers his expertise in the improv world  for the creation of spaces for Innovation.


“Align your thoughts with your words and actions, and you will create the reality that you dreamed about. If you can imagine it, you can create it, Let’s create reality.”


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