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Tips to Improve Your Small Business

Tips to Improve Your Small Business

Starting a small business is a labor of love. And an exercise of patience. That’s why it is so important to look and to learn form those who came before you. You are not alone. In the past years there have been an increase of unemployment, along with the called “Great Resignation.” All this due to … Read more

Trump praises latest coronavirus stimulus package for small businesses

By Dan McCaleb*- President Donald Trump hailed a new coronavirus stimulus package passed by the U.S. Senate on Tuesday that seeks to distribute an additional $482 billion to businesses and the health care industry affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The House is expected to pass the measure soon, the president said. “We had a very … Read more

Looking for Coronavirus (COVID-19) Small Business Relief Programs? Find it here!

See here information and links regarding the grant/loan program opportunities announced by Governor Pritzker and Mayor Lightfoot.  There are options out there for assistance, should you need them. Below you will find information on what’s currently available:          Hospitality Emergency Grant         IL SB Emergency Fund       … Read more