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40 under 40 New York Criteria

Eligibility Requirements & Rules

  • Candidates must be residents of the New York Metropolitan Area.
  • Candidates must be 39 years of age or less at nomination.

Outstanding: All candidates must have a record of outstanding performance in their fields.

Business and Corporate: Candidates must demonstrate success in entrepreneurship and leadership as high-level executives of their organizations.

Non-profit: Candidates must demonstrate leadership as an executive director or high-level executive in the organization.

Community leaders: Candidates must demonstrate their impact and influence in their community with a success story that inspires others.

Making a difference: Candidates must have made (or seek to make) a difference in their field of endeavor.

Process & Important Dates – 2022

  • February 1:   Deadline to submit a name for the nomination.
  • February 15: Selection Committee will gather to select 40 nominees.
  •  March 1: Negocios Now will notify all nominees.
  •  May 10:    Presentation and Networking event in New York City.


  • All 40 nominees selected are expected to attend the celebratory event on May 10, 2022.
  • Nominees should provide accurate information to the Negocios Now team and answer any necessary questions.
  • Nominations should go through the Negocios Now website: negociosnow.com/ny40under40
  • High-resolution photo and full bios should be sent to 40under40@negociosnow.com



For questions about nominations or event details, please contact Kelly Yelmene: kyelmene@negociosnow.com

For advertising or sponsorship opportunities, please contact our sales team: 40under40@negociosnow.com


Latino leaders launch the Latino Leadership Council

Chicago – (HINA)- A prominent group of Latino leaders in the Chicago area announced the formation of the Latino Leadership Council (LLC) that seeks to increase Latino power and representation in the public and private sectors.

The group will largely work to reach parity for Latinos in all centers of influence, give the community a clear, unified voice and grow the culture of political fundraising and giving amongst the professional and business sectors while educating the public as to the ongoing successes, talents, and contributions of Latinos, said the statement.

The council is made up of a number of individuals with varying political philosophies all united by one basic belief: Latinos are grossly underrepresented in positions of leadership and need to unify under one single voice.

“As a council, our primary role is to work to elect more Latina and Latino voices, so they can advocate for us. It is also equally important to support all candidates that promote our agenda because when you elect a candidate that supports inclusivity and diversity, that brings our America together,” said Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez (D-IL).

“We have seen our community’s desire to empower itself, fully participate in the process, and increase our voting percentage,” said Elect-Representative Jesus “Chuy” García (D-IL) This is a critical moment to transform the political, business, philanthropic and educational landscape. The future of our city, state and country come through our community and we will work towards equity, inclusion and dignity for everyone in our community.”

“For a long time, they have called Latino communities a sleeping giant. I have a problem with that. It is time for our voices to be heard, that we assert our political message, and present a coordinated front to ensure the Latino communities are working proactively towards placing Latinos in positions of power,” said Rep. Celina Villanueva (D-IL).

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This newly formed group will work to secure a parity of influence for the Latino community by leading fundraising, Get Out The Vote (GOTV) efforts, and presenting a unified voice for the growth and advancement of Latinos, bringing an end to the idea that the Latino population is not well organized, too often marginalized and often precluded from producing the level of influence the growing community represents.

The Latino Leadership Council will work as an Illinois state PAC and other non-for-profit entities and will engage in substantial fundraising efforts to ensure effective representation in all areas.

Headed by Congressman Luis Gutierrez and Chuy Garcia, the LLC is also made up by State Representatives Celina Villanueva.and elected-representative Delia Ramirez and Aaron Ortiz; Commissioner-Elect Alma Anaya and Alderman  George Cardenas, Danny Solis, Rick Muñoz, Gil Villegas, Joe “Proco” Moreno, Juan Ochoa, David Andalcio, Art Jimenez, Jesse Ruiz, Manny Perez, Carlos X. Montoya, Homero Tristan, Marty Castro, Peter Romero, Manuel Flores, Teresa Reyes, Nicolas Guzman and Carlos Cardenas.