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Stefany Jacobo 


Age: 28

Title: Director of Strategic Partnerships

Organization: Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement (HACE)


Seeking Success for Others

Stefany is a driven, purposeful, and dedicated leader who immigrated from Mexico to the U.S. at ten years old. As many first-generation college students, Stefany struggled with the lack of resources and role models. This experience opened her eyes to social inequities and educational disadvantages. Since then, she has taken this experience as her personal purpose as she strives to be a resource to others in her community and beyond. Today, she is dedicated to empowering underserved communities through mentorship, awareness, and activism.


In her current role, she fosters relationships with HACE’s partners that challenges them to build an inclusive and equitable space for Latinos in the workplace and beyond. Her efforts also increasefunding for HACE’s talent acquisition and leadership development programs.  In addition, she supports the organization’s mission by leading workshops on various professional development topics for students and professionals, connecting jobseekers to meaningful careers, and ensuring HACE is meeting the needs of its constituents. She looks forward to continuing furthering the mission of the organization by leading HACE’s partnerships nationwide and increasing awareness at across the board.


Prior to this role, Stefany worked at the United States Hispanic Leadership Institute as the Finance and Development Coordinator. In addition to her finance experience, Stefany was able to share her story and be a mentor to thousands of middle and high school students across the nation after winning the Miss U.S. Latina 2016 national title.


Words of wisdom: “Never lose sight of your core purpose, where you come from, and the people and places that shaped you along the way.”