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Chris Flores

Age: 30

Title: Co-Owner

Name of Organization: Gentleman’s Cooperative Garments


Chris Flores co-owner and master barber of Gentleman’s Cooperative Garments, Grooming and Events.

Chris Flores was born and raised in Chicago and is the leader of the grooming division of his business. What first began in high school as a hobby using his barber skills to connect with his friends, made its way to become his life passion and full-time career.  His skills as a barber followed him to college where the bathroom of his dorm became his studio.

A kinesiology major at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Flores continued to develop his love for cutting hair during college.  His referral-based clientele grew to more than 60 clients a week by his senior year.  It was through his hair cutting and personal interaction skills where he really learned about people and helped build his self-confidence and empowered him to pursue barbering school to get his license.

At 26, he graduated from Denmark School of Barbering.  The early self-taught years was invaluable as he mentored other students and contributed to the classroom learning environment.  He soon became a member of the advisory board committee.

He has always had a passion to strive above and beyond the limits of the men’s grooming industry.  Flores believes it is important to continue to grow personally and professionally through networking and building relationships with people in all industries.  He constantly finds it fascinating to learn about others through this business.  He has found a great sense of purpose in his professional life by helping others achieve the look they are seeking.  It makes his quest incredibly rewarding.

He said proudly that Gentleman’s Cooperative has partnered with Inner Voice Chicago where they provide clothing, tailoring, and haircuts.  They support people experiencing homelessness in their quest to achieve and maintain enhanced well-being, self-reliance and a place to call home.


“While hard work, dedication and determination will inevitably lead to success, the greatest life achievements are those we learn from our failures. Stay focused. The road to success is not always easy.”  

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