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Sandra Paola Reyes


Mastering two careers

Sandra Paola Reyes

Age: 38

Title: Insurance Agent, Real Estate Agent

Organization: American Family Insurance and YUB Realty

Sandra Paola Reyes was born and raised in Mexico City, an only child whose parents divorced when she was 13. She lived with her father for a couple of years in Monterrey Mexico, and at age 15 her mother brought her to the United States.

She had a daughter at age 17, dropped out of high school, and got a job at a factory. She married in 2005 and had a son in 2008. Then DACA changed her life.

She started working as a customer representative for Magnum Insurance, and two months later was licensed to be a producer. She met people who helped her change her environment, and that inspired her to grow personally and professionally, and regain her self-esteem. She acquired four insurance licenses and was promoted to office manager.

Before starting in the insurance industry, she had thought of being a real estate agent. She failed the exam on her first try, but kept thinking about that career. She enrolled in class again and passed the test.

Then American Family Insurance came into her life at the right moment. American Family Insurance opened the door for her to become an agency owner, an entrepreneur, and ultimately another of her biggest desires: a woman in business.

Today she works in both insurance and real estate, thankful to God, her mother, and the universe for where she is, what she has become, and what she will continue to do.

Words of wisdom: You are never as stuck as you think you are. Success is not final, and failure isn’t fatal. In fact it is better to fail as a result of trying than not to try at all.