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Ruben Flores Martinez


Founding a new financial service

Ruben Flores Martinez


Title: Founder

Organization: CASHDROP

Ruben Flores-Martinez, an immigrant from Mexico, saw the reality of setbacks Latinos face.

At age 13, Flores-Martinez and his family immigrated to the states from Guadalajara, Mexico. Flores-Martinez had many scholarships to attend different universities, but couldn’t due to his immigration status.

He began watching YouTube videos on coding and taught himself how to build websites and mobile apps. A few years later, he successfully founded CASHDROP , a point-of-sale and online ordering platform with zero merchant fees,  and joined the 1% of Latino founders who are venture-backed. CASHDROP’s product and mission attracted investors that include Harlem Capital, Cyan Bannister, Scott Belski, Valor Equity Partners and David Grutman.

Flores-Martinez’s story has placed him in Forbes 30 Under 30 and Crain’s 40 Under 40, and the CASHDROP founding story has become a case study at Harvard Business School.

Words of Wisdom/Quotes: “We live in one of the most important periods in history for our community. It is time for every single Latino to realize this and become empowered by it.”