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Rosa Escareño, Commissioner for Business Affairs and Consumer Protection

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Rosa Escareño

City of Chicago

As commissioner for Business Affairs and Consumer Protection, Escareño is a cabinet member in Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot’s administration, bringing modernization and equity to Chicago’s marketplace.

Escareño has made public service her life’s work, and she has worked under three Chicago mayors. She has managed day-to-day operations and implemented policy reforms across multiple city agencies, and throughout her career has championed initiatives to enhance the quality of life of Chicago residents.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Escareño has been at the forefront
of Chicago’s business recovery, including administering $120 million in business financial relief and setting up protections for

essential workers. She has modernized enforcement to improve Chicago’s hospitality industry and night-life operations,

and to address problem industries. And she led labor initiatives such
as Chicago’s minimum wage, paid sick leave and fair workweek ideas.

Many years before taking her present position, Escareño was already a great friend of Negocios Now, providing us with useful information for entrepreneurs and helping in our constant search for stories for

our readers. She is a champion, opening doors of opportunity to all businesses in the city.

Escareño  holds a master’s degree in communications from Northwestern University and a bachelor’s degree from Loyola University Chicago.

Rosa Escareño is the El Amigo de Negocios Now Award-2020

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