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Regina Trillo: Creating real flavor


Creating real flavor

Regina Trillo

Age: 36

Title: Founder & CEO

Name of Organization: Nemi Snacks

Regina Trillo started Nemi Snacks based on her experience as a consumer in Chicago grocery stores.

Originally from Mexico City and now based in Chicago, Trillo felt unrepresented the moment she set foot in Chicago grocery stores. She found well-established brands portraying Mexican cultura in a stereotypical way, brands that were unlikely to upgrade their ingredient list and innovate in the marketplace.

Nemi Snacks was founded in mid-2019 with a mission to elevate Mexican cultura in the United States through high-quality and delicious food. Nemi Snacks are crunchy sticks made from seeds and nopales (a.k.a. prickly pear paddle) in Mexican-inspired flavors. Nemi Snacks works directly with Mexican farmers, uses real chiles and spices and no artificial colors or ingredients. Nemi Snacks is on a mission to diversify people’s snacking experience, share high-quality snacks, and elevate and celebrate Mexican cultura.

Trillo is also an attorney and has spent her legal career advocating for human rights by providing legal services to immigrants and implementing programs on a range of global human rights issues in Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, and the United States.

Starting Nemi Snacks led me to see that fear was nothing more than my imagination, and if I could imagine limitations, I could also imagine an unlimited reality filled with freedom, fairness and love. When I experience self-doubt or feel stagnant, I remind myself it’s an illusion and that limitations are real until we make them unreal.

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