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Rafael Marrero King Midas of federal contracting

By: Migdalis Pérez, Miami correspondent


Rafael Marrero could not be happier when he learned that three Florida companies were included by Inc. magazine among the 5000 fastest growing private companies in the United States. It turns out that Miguel López Jr. Inc, 360 Energy Solutions and Bore Tech Utilities & Construction owe Rafael Marrero & Company the achievement of appearing on that list.
“For a sample, just one button is enough, but these are three samples that make us proud to be Cuban-American companies whom we have helped to scale up in their businesses,” said Marrero. The aforementioned help consists of the advice that this renowned entrepreneur offers to Hispanic entrepreneurs to obtain contracts with the Federal Government.


“By investing in the necessary resources, developing a work program and receiving the advice indicated – in this case, that of our firm – you can grow and take these companies to the next level of prosperity,” said the government contracting expert.


He recalled that “last year, these three companies also came out on the list, which shows that the processes are repeatable. It is not a matter of luck, ”he said,“ but a trajectory of working with us, a methodology. ”
Miguel López Jr., president of the company of the same name, thanked Marrero for helping him realize his goals and dreams. “With your support, we have grown more in the last three years than in the previous 27 years.”
Meanwhile, the president of 360 Energy Solutions, Antonio Noa, highlighted the expert’s dedication to his clients. “I recommend that you hire him if you wish to do business with the Government or take your company to the next level.”
Finally, the co-founder of Bore Tech Utilities & Construction, Kleimer Cruz, showed satisfaction for being part of this elite team and for the business growth achieved. “Definitely, [Marrero] has the golden touch of King Midas.”