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Publishing Company Sales Representative


Job description

– Initiate calls into new prospects and accounts to introduce products, services and solutions.

– Create and manage a pipeline, identify and qualify sales prospects to create business opportunities. Use CRM to manage the sales process and to keep management abreast of activity.

– Identify each prospect’s current situation, needs, expectations, budget and priorities. This includes some pre-sales research and consultative questioning, note taking and maintaining information in our CRM.

-Create sales proposals for approval by management

– Develop skills to properly propose additional products and services to help clients achieve their key priorities.

– Follow-up with prospects/clients to review proposed solutions, pricing, determine project start dates and obtain signed contracts.

– Ability to connect with and maintain relationships with both companies and agencies. Sustains rapport with accounts by making periodic visits, exploring client’s specific needs, anticipating new opportunities.

-Suggest marketing ideas to management to create business opportunities and differentiate our offer in the marketplace.

-Achieve sales objectives by proactively contributing marketing and sales information and recommendations to strategic plans and reviews. Contribute to specific action plans, identify trends and suggest system improvements.

Salary- $36,000 Annual base

Recoverable Draw – $2,000 for first 3 months

Confidentiality code

Non-compete clause 1 year

Use equipment provided by company to conduct business – ie cell phone – laptop

Commissions to be paid upon payment of the client:

15% on new sales generated by salesperson

10% on sales whose lead is generated by the company or when the client is a current client.

0% commissions on house accounts

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