George L. Herrera

The event-production visionary

Age: 36

Title: CEO and Founder

Name of Organization: Festival Cubano


Bio: George L. Herrera is a leader in the event-production industry, where he focuses on producing world-class events in Chicago and across the nation. He has more than 15 years of experience in event management and consulting, and brings unique insight and expertise to every project. In his career, Herrera has worked with various elected officials, businesses and organizations. He and his team specialize in management, marketing, promotions, branding and public relations.


Herrera is the CEO and visionary force behind Festival Cubano, which he founded in 2009 to pay homage to his heritage. One of the largest Latino festivals in the Midwest, Festival Cubano offers live music, a classic car show and beer and wine tasting. A successful model for other Latino festivals, the event will enter its ninth year of production this summer. Each year, Herrera prides himself on delivering a dynamic musical experience to festival-goers.


Prior to starting Festival Cubano, Herrera gained invaluable experience working in the Chicago nightclub scene and consulting for several Chicago festivals.