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Nicado Publishing relaunches its community paper to fight Covid-19


 Nicado Publishing relaunched El Chicago Hispano, its community publication, in an effort to expand its coverage of the coronavirus beyond the Hispanic business segment to the entire Hispanic community in Chicago.

  The news outlet will be published in digital format and distributed through Nicado Publishing’s digital platform with over 50,000 followers. Readers can also find the digital newspaper at ElChicagoHispano.com.

  El Chicago Hispano was founded by Nicado Publishing in 2011 to cover the Hispanic community in Rogers Park and surrounding neighborhoods on the north side of the City as a hyperlocal publication.

  “We are relaunching El Chicago Hispano in one of the most difficult times for community press in the country, but we understand that our community needs information now more than ever,” said Clemente Nicado. 

   Nicado Publishing is the owner of Negocios Now, a multi-award-winning publication dedicated exclusively to the city’s Hispanic businesses.

   “We are working intensively on the next edition of Negocios Now dedicated to the impact of coronavirus on small businesses and the resources available to this segment, considered the engine of the economy,” said Nicado.

  The relaunch of El Chicago Hispano in digital format comes in one of the most complex scenarios for the community press due to the drop in advertisements and just when the community needs professional information due to a barrage of false and imprecise news on social networks.

  “We are aware of this moment, but also that our community is our reason for existence. We will always be together with her in good or bad times,” Nicado said. 

For more information, contact us: cnicado@negociosnow.com