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Nicado Publishing launches its campaign for the 15th Anniversary of Negocios Now


HINA Wire – Nicado Publishing Company is launching a campaign to celebrate next year the 15th Anniversary of Negocios Now, its national award-winning publication and a unique resource to reach the Hispanic business community.

 Founded in 2007, Negocios Now is a B2B Hispanic publication based in Chicago with digital national distribution. The publication primarily focuses on business owners, entrepreneurs, and economic development in the Latino community.

 Through its business network, Nicado Publishing has been expanding Negocios Now to other markets, including New York, Miami, San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Miami, New York, Boston, and Philadelphia, amongst others.

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 “I can’t believe that next year we will be celebrating 15 years, after facing so many challenges as a small entrepreneur and in this extremely challenging industry,” said Clemente Nicado, publisher and editor in chief.

 “If we talk about celebration today, it is not only because of the passion for journalism by our team and the work of many who have accompanied us on this exciting journey but also because of the support we have had from the community and our sponsors,” Nicado said.

 Negocios Now hosts the “Who’s Who in Hispanic Business Gala event” to recognize Hispanic leadership and “Latinos 40 Under 40” as well as others to celebrate the growing Hispanic community.

 This campaign will include special coverage, new business events, and the launching of new digital products to respond to continuous changes in the industry and the business community itself. The campaign concludes in July 2022, when Nicado Publishing will celebrate the Gala for the 15th Anniversary.

“I am inviting our community and corporations to join our campaign to celebrate together this milestone and help us to keep informing, educating, and celebrating our growing Hispanic business community,” said Nicado

“We will continue working hard, with the same passion from the first day, without losing sight of our main mission, which is to open doors to opportunities for Latino businesses of all sizes and help them pave the way to success”, said Nicado.

About Clemente Nicado

Clemente Nicado, the founder of Negocios Now, was also named “Latino Publisher of the Year” in 2018. He is a former international correspondent and co-founder of HOY, the Chicago Tribune’s Spanish language publication. He is the author of Así lo hicieron (How They Did It), a 2012 book featuring profiles of outstanding Hispanic businessmen and women in the Chicago area. Additionally, Nicado also serves on the Boards of the National Association of Hispanic Publications, located in Washington, DC., and Allies for Community Business.