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Nicado Publishing launches ‘Chicago Salud’, a healthcare publication in Spanish


Chicago. (HINA)- In another effort to increase its COVID-19 coverage for the Hispanic community, Nicado Publishing launched today Chicago Salud, a digital publication to inform and educate our community about the pandemic and other healthcare issues.

The new website chicagosalud.com was built in collaboration with Cision Ltd., a public relations and earned media software company and services provider, headquartered in Chicago, with clients worldwide.

“Chicago Salud is now joining El Chicago Hispano and Negocios Now in the efforts of Nicado Publishing to cover the topics that the Hispanic community is most interested in, and the health of the Latino community, the hardest hit by COVID-19 is undoubtedly our top editorial priority,” the company said.

The new health publication has long been on a wish list of projects that the Publisher, Clemente Nicado, has wanted to accomplish for our community. COVID-19 only accelerated its release, and we hope Chicago Health will contribute to the efforts of governments and community leaders to curb the impact.

Unlike Negocios Now, which is focused on Hispanic businesses, and El Chicago Hispano, which addresses all kinds of topics of interest, Chicago Salud is exclusively focused on health in our community, which before the arrival of COVID-19 registered high rates of diabetes, heart problems and other conditions, said Nicado.

Many in our community prefer to speak Spanish or understand Spanish better than English. And when it comes to health, there is nothing like reading in your own language. Chicago Salud is written by language professionals, with vast experience in journalism and always based on data from recognized experts or health institutions given the sensitivity of the content, “added Nicado.

The company is looking for sponsors who, like Chicago Salud, are interested in educating and informing the Hispanic community hit hard by Covid-19.

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Migdalis Pérez | editor@chicagosalud.com | 773-942-7410

About Nicado Publishing

Nicado Publishing Company (NPC) was founded in 2006 focused on the Hispanic niche market. In the summer of NPC launched Negocios Now, a national award-winning publication is the Midwest’s most dynamic news source for growing Hispanic businesses, focusing primarily on business owners, entrepreneurs, and economic development in the Latino community.  Negocios Now has received more than 15 awards from the National Association of Hispanic Publications (NAHP). In May 2012, The Chicago Headline Club, a leading association of local professional journalists, awarded Negocios Now the Peter Lisagor Award for General Excellence, a first for a Hispanic newspaper in Chicago. Publisher Clemente Nicado is a former international correspondent. He was hired by the Chicago Tribune in 2003 to launch HOY, Chicago’s first daily Hispanic newspaper. In October of 2018, he received the “Latino Publisher of the Year”, from the National Association of Hispanic Publications (NAHP).