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Nicado Publishing Company, Inc to launch a healthcare magazine


Chicago-  Nicado Publishing Company (NPC) announced the launching of the first print edition of Chicago Salud, a healthcare publication to cover this important issue in the Latino community.

 NPC, a niche publishing company based in Chicago, is also the owner of Negocios Now, a national award-winning publication.

  “We know that the Latino community is growing faster than others, but we also know that we have a lot of health problems in our community such as obesity, diabetes, and other diseases that require frequent attention,” said Clemente Nicado, Publisher of NPC.

 Chicago Salud will be both a print and digital publication and will have support for a website ChicagoSalud.com, now under construction.

 The publication will be printed quarterly but will be updated more frequently in digital format and online.

  “I am glad that healthcare providers have expressed interest in supporting this initiative. We need Chicago Salud in our City to educate our community on the best practices to stay healthy”.

The first edition has been named “Take Care of Yourself” and it is going to be published on April 2nd. For more information send email to info@chicagosalud.com or contact directly to the publisher cnicado@negociosnow.com (312-593-2557)