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New venue for 2017 Who’s Who in Hispanic Chicago Gala


Anticipating an even bigger turnout than in the past, Negocios Now hosts its upcoming annual Who’s Who Gala event at the Hyatt Regency Chicago, on Friday., July 14.

Since 2014, and with sold-out crowds in the last two years, Negocios Now celebrated the gala at the Chicago Cultural Center.

“Chicago Cultural Center is an amazing, beautiful venue. We will miss it,” said Clemente Nicado, publisher.

“Changing to the Hyatt Regency gives all of Negocios Now’s friends and supporters the opportunity to celebrate our 10th anniversary with us.”   In the past three years Negocios Now has celebrated the success of Chicago’s Hispanic community with  “Who’s Who In Hispanic Chicago” Special Edition and a Gala Event.     The goal of the event is not only to recognize Hispanic achievement, but also to inspire other members of the community to similar endeavors. 

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For our Gala Negocios Now will recognize leadership in the Hispanic community with a special award. Recipients will be chosen from the following categories: Business, Non-Profits, Media, Cultural & Education, Lawyers, Marketing, Government, Healthcare and Corporate.

  This year Negocios Now will launch, for the first time, a list of the 50 most influential Latinos in the Chicago Area as part As part of its 10th anniversary celebrations.