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Negocios Now: We’re with Hillary (Editorial)


At press time for this issue, Hillary Clinton and her campaign team were dealing with troubling poll results that gave her rival, Donald Trump, a statistical possibility of getting to the White House.

Whatever the result may be, Negocios Now gives its vote to Hillary Clinton because we consider her to be the candidate most prepared to assume the role among those seeking the presidency of the United States.

The emails mistake, for which she has already apologized, is a minor affair in comparison with the follies and positions of Trump, above all, those most sensitive to the Latino community.

Negocios Now will never support a candidate who denigrates Mexican immigrants, calling them — in a generalizing and irresponsible manner — rapists, criminals and drug traffickers.

We will also never support a candidate who makes fun of people with disabilities, offends women, supports white supremacists and the racist beliefs that still prevail in a country shaped by women and men from all possible origins, who have fertilized this land with their sweat.

This publication, aimed at Latino business owners, the majority of whom are immigrants or children of immigrants, could never support a candidate who, on one hand sells himself as a “successful businessman” and, on the other, will not release his taxes.

Negocios Now cannot give its support to the person who wants to, with one stroke of a pen, throw away all of the progress made by the first black president in U.S. history, Barack Obama, all because of political or otherwise doubtful motives.

He further cannot count on our support because we doubt the Republican has the temperament required to have his hands on the decision to press a nuclear button.

We hope that, despite surprise revelations about emails just nine days before the most important election in the history of the country, Hillary Clinton will become the first woman president of the United States.