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Negocios Now announces “Los 26 de la 26” 


Recognizing 26 Latino Leaders in Little Village 

Chicago (HINA) – Negocios Now announces its first list of “Los 26 de la 26”, an initiative launched alongside The Little Village Chamber of Commerce  (LVCC) to recognize and celebrate leadership.

   “Los 26 de la 26 is a symbol intended to honor members of the Little Village community with a clear Latino identity and cultural pride that welcomes all people who dream of a better future for their families and the City of Chicago,” said Clemente Nicado, Publisher.

  The initiative is another example of the many collaborations Negocios Now has launched to recognize the impact of our community. 

  “This is a unique opportunity for the Little Village Chamber of Commerce and Negocios Now to work together to feature and recognize the people of Little Village. We will continue to cover this vibrant business community as part of our mission,” said Nicado.

    The celebration and award ceremony will be held at Mi Tierra Restaurant on January 16, at 6:00 pm.

  The list of “Los 26 de los 26”:

Guadalupe Arce                        Tropical Optical Corp

Camerino González                  Los Comales Group

Gloria Canchola                        Panadería El Coral

Bernabe Cabral                         La Villita Cleaners & Tailor

Elena Durán                              Artesanías Elena

Ezequiel Fuentes                      Mi Tierra Restaurant         

Jesús ‘Chuy’ García                  Congressman   

Javier Garibay                           SER Central State

Emeterio Gutiérrez                  Nuevo Leon Restaurant

Emi Gutierrez .                         Emi & Sons Jewerly

Jose Gutierrez                          La Orquidea

Salvador Hernández                Los Gallos Restaurant   

Alfredo Linares                         La Chiquita Market

Manuel Martínez                      Martinez Funeral Home

Rodolfo “Rudy” Medina          Self-help Federal Credit Union

Mike Moreno                             Moreno’s Liquor

Salvador Pedroza                     Economic Roofing

Ric Porrez                                  Wintrust

Eduardo Rodríguez                  Dulcelandia

Rosa Rojas                                 Lalo’s video

Angilberto Tamayo                  Natkin Legal

Vicente Torres                         Tecnicentro Automotriz Inc.

Ruel Treviño                             Jacaranda Bar   

Dan Villarreal                          Villarreal Real Estate  

Leticia Zavala                          El Faro Restaurant                

For more information, email los26@negociosnow.com – acano@negociosnow.com or call Alejandra Cano at 630-728-9627