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Michelle Fernandez: Sharing family


Sharing family

Michelle Fernandez

Age: 39

Title: Owner

Name of Organization: Media Noche Café

Michelle Fernandez is the owner of Media Noche Café, which she opened in Berwyn in 2020 and where she serves food inspired by her husband’s Cuban heritage.

Fernandez is a Mexican-American who was born and raised in Chicago. Both of her parents were born in Mexico and immigrated to the United States in the late 1970s. She opened Media Noche Berwyn Cafe in November 2020, bringing her husband’s Cuban family recipes into the city.

Her husband was also born and raised in Chicago. His father Javier Sr. was born in Cuba and brought to the states at a very young age. Javier Sr. was the chef in the family and showed his love and passion for cooking, using only the freshest ingredients. He opened his own restaurant in Elmwood Park where Fernandez started in the family business. She began as a waitress and learned by watching the magic happen in his kitchen. The biggest challenge she had as a new business owner was the fear of being accepted in a new community. Overcoming this fear was pretty easy. Berwyn has accepted Media Noche graciously.

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