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Meet Victor Arellano – Latinos 40 Under 40 Class of 2018


Negocios Now is proud to present Latinos 40 Under 40’s Class of 2018. We’d like to showcase the 40 between now and March 7th, that’ll be the day of the event to celebrate and recognize these forty individuals, some of Chicago’s finest Latino professionals.

#2 – Victor Arellano

Serial entrepreneur finds balance in app building

Age: 39

Title: Co-Founder

Name of Organization: Interpreter Tap

With over a decade of experience as a real estate appraiser, entrepreneur, and leader in Chicago’s small business community, Victor has assisted numerous clients with valuable services based on his business acumen and ability to provide solution-based innovation.

As a young man, Victor was employed at his family’s business. Through that experience was the desire to create a business of his own. Victor later became a certified real estate appraiser, then founded his own appraisal company, Alen Appraisals, one of the top real estate appraisal firms in the greater Chicago area.

In early 2012, Victor founded Driven Solutions, LLC and Snag Cab, app-based technology to make transportation easier for Chicagoans. Snag Cab would help with everyday challenges and improve lives. Driven Solutions collaborated with another organization to win a bid for Centralized WAV (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle) Dispatch Service for the City of Chicago. Driven Solutions would enter as a key subcontractor providing a new way of dispatching and a valued app for people with disabilities. Victor’s mission: An app for everyone.

In 2016 a longtime friend, Victor Abundis, a certified interpreter, and Victor formed Interpreter Tap, an innovative technological solution to overcome language barriers.

Interpreter Tap is a two-sided platform via mobile application that breaks down the walls of language barriers. The app allows effective communications regardless of language to meet the need of providing instant access to an interpreter on a mobile device.

After being a significant part of business growth for Interpreter Tap, Victor has returned to the real estate industry to work on a new program. The program is in the early stages of development.

Victor attributes his parents’ continuous encouragement and support of his many business pursuits his entrepreneurial spirit, “is in my DNA.” He says if it weren’t for the entrepreneurial spirit he acquired working in his parents’ printing company, he would not have risked launching new ventures. His parents’ business provided for 11 kids at a time when many thought entrepreneurship was just too risky.

Victor currently lives with his wife, Laisa and their 5 children on the North Side of Chicago.

Words of Wisdom:

“Surround yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs, because they understand the hustle and grind. People who don’t, are just noise.”

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