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Meet Alejandro Benitez – Latinos 40 Under 40 Class of 2018


Negocios Now is proud to present Latinos 40 Under 40’s Class of 2018. We’d like to showcase the 40 between now and March 7th, that’ll be the day of the event to celebrate and recognize these forty individuals, some of Chicago’s finest Latino professionals.

#5 – Alejandro Benitez

Finance and footwork success

Age: 25

Title:  Financial Educator, Business Owner

Name of Organization: AB Financial

Like many “Dreamers” before him, twenty-five year old Alejandro Benítez arrived in Chicago, at the age of 4, from Cuernavaca Morelos.

Alejandro resides with his mother Eva, after his father was deported about 5 years ago. He didn’t see his immigration status as an obstacle when it came to completing his degree in psychology.

He also developed a passion for dancing at a young age and joined Angel Quinceañeras as a dancer.  During his time at the Academy, Alejandro earned the Gift of Hope Student Scholarship for donating time to his fundraising efforts as a dancer.  He has worked as a dancer for over ten years and is living out one of his dreams of being a being a professional dancer. He has danced professionally with Justin Quiles, Amanda Miguel, Diego Verdaguer, Niurka Marcos, Consuelo Duval, Liliana Arriaga, to name a few.

Alejandro has also earned recognition from Villita Chamber of Commerce for his dedication to the community. Because of his perseverance and effort, Alejandro became one of the most recognized dancers in Chicago’s Latino community.

Alejandro created his own business as a financial educator. His goal is to give people who had a desire to equip others with the tools they needed so they may also thrive in this country.

Alejandro personally focuses on doing his part to educate the Chicago Latino community. He wants to help them become equipped as not only good workers but he wants to share his passion so they too may find a desire to be successful. Alejandro does his best to teach his clients that there cannot be wealth is if there is no knowledge.

Alejandro has earned recognition as one of the most successful Latino youth and he credits the obstacles he’s had to overcome to achieve his goals are what framed him as the person he is today.


Words of Wisdom:

“Don’t ask how or when, just believe, have faith and be thankful.”

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