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‘Los 26 de la 26’ nominations for 2021 are open

La Villita’s business community is an integral part of the mission of Negocios Now, even before the launch of the publication 14 years ago. In fact, Negocios Now was created to recognize not only the entrepreneurial spirit of Latinos within the City of Chicago but to also capture the history and culture of those communities.

To honor the La Villita community, their brave leadership and the progress that has been made in this great neighborhood, Negocios Now launched “Los 26 de la 26” special edition and event in January of 2020. This recognition serves as a reminder that all people who dream of a better future for their families within the City of Chicago are worthy of its full opportunities.

This year Negocios Now is launching a new edition and event of Los 26 de la 26 focused on the young generation, including those who have inherited their parents businesses who follow in the footsteps of their parents and other young people who are keeping the tradition of this community alike.

Those selected will come from a variety of sectors, with outstanding contributions to the Little Village community.

  Nicado Publishing Company has created an independent selection committee to select the individuals who meet these criteria. 

The deadline for nominations is October 15st and the celebration event will be held in Little Village, in January of 2022.

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