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Report: Latinos with darker skin experience discrimination from other Latinos


Latinos in the United States with darker skin are experiencing discrimination from fellow Latinos and from non-Latinos at nearly the same rate, a new poll from the Pew Research Center says.

 “Having darker skin and being born outside the United States is associated with an increased chance of experiencing this type of discrimination”, the survey found.

   The report, published Monday, is based on a survey conducted in March 2021 among a randomly selected sample of 3,375 Hispanic adults drawn from panels originally recruited using probability-based methods.

  Among Latinos with darker skin, about 41% said they were discriminated or treated unfairly by another Latino and 42% said they had been discriminated against by non-Latinos, the survey found.

   Latinos with lighter skin said they experience discrimination but not as much as dark skin Latinos. Researchers found that about 25% of those who took part in the survey said the discrimination came from other Latinos while 29% said it was from non-Latinos, the report says

   Read the complete report here.

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