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Johanna Ascencio: Brand builder


Brand builder

Johanna Ascencio

Age: 36

Title: Senior Brand Manager Global Markets

Name of Organization: Conagra Brands

Johanna Ascencio came from Columbia and now heads the brand and marketing departments for Conagra Brands, the giant U.S. agricultural products company.

Ascencio is a proud Latina, born and raised in Colombia, who moved to the United States six years ago to broaden her worldview and explore career opportunities. With a chemical engineering background and an MBA, she found her passion in brand strategy and marketing and has dedicated 12 years to help brands build awareness and engagement, and grow sales through strategic segmentation, positioning, communication, identification of white spaces, and product innovation.

In her current role with Conagra Brands, she heads the brand and marketing department for global markets, tasked with the mission of building strong and profitable brands across the world alongside her team of marketers in the United States, Latin America, and Asia.

What she enjoys the most in her role is being able to lead and coach a team of diverse and empowered women to achieve great results.

Prior to her current job, she had been helping brands in the pharmaceutical and beauty industries, both in Colombia and the United States, to drive sustainable and profitable growth by building strategic plans, transforming insights into actionable innovation and communication strategies, and leading and empowering teams of young marketers.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time in nature, running, scuba diving and playing with her dogs.

WORDS OF WISDOM: “Everything in your life is there as a vehicle for your transformation. Use it!”

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