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In pursuit of “off-site” construction


Lalo Edery, President of Fabex Technologies, LLC, is focusing on a strain of construction to maximize efficiency and opportunity.

Chicago.- When asked, “Why Fabex?”, President Lalo Edery says: “In many regional and national markets it’s abundantly clear that the demand for housing is outpacing supply.” According to him, labor shortages and development costs are rising at levels that make traditional construction insufficient to meet demand at reasonable costs. The solution, in his opinion, is “off-site” construction.

Founded two years ago, Fabex is a development and construction company specializing in off-site construction which involves the planning, design, fabrication and assembly of the elements for a building at a location away from the building itself. Edery’s focus is an office space and multifamily housing in the Midwest. In addition to that, Edery wants to develop products that are energy-efficient, sustainable, and that leverage proven technologies in a factory setting.

“Our first goal is to develop a number of prototypes that will allow us to optimize our designs, production protocols and logistics strategies,” he says. Adding that, “once we can satisfy a high standard of quality and delivery, then we can fabricate our products in significant quantities, market them first in the Midwest and later in international markets.”

Edery’s 30-year experience in various executive roles in the construction industry led him to the founding of Fabex. His portfolio includes a variety of buildings that span Chicago, DC, Dallas, San Juan in Puerto Rico, and Barcelona and Murcia in Spain, as well as over 500 units of multifamily projects in the Midwest.

Fabex is currently working on their second development which is the repositioning of a four-story warehouse building in Bridgeport,IL, that will offer artist studios and co-working spaces to young companies, entrepreneurs and artists.