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The Hispanic markets in the United States: Your next big opportunity.

If you are looking to reach Hispanic markets in the United states, Negocios Now is our your best new ally. You know by now how important the Latino community is. This large population continues to grow day by day. We have people coming and going and companies starting on a daily basis. Knowing who your customers are and what they want will improve how your business works. As a Spanish Media Company Negocios Now can help you reach your target market. 

The U.S. Hispanic Market

U.S Hispanics are power users! They are in the front when it comes to digital. But you have to find the best ways to reach the Hispanic market. The U.S. Hispanic population will only continue to grow. And there are several key industries depend on the Hispanic marketplace. So, find out what’s actually working thanks to Negocios Now.

Hispanic Population

A 163% increase in the Hispanic population between 2010 and 2050. The U.S. Hispanics are a consumer segment definitely on the radar. It is time you take notice of this audience too. They are power users! 

Annual Spending

Hispanic household spending will reach $978 Billion in 2020 – This is highest of any minority group. 

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Tips on connecting to Hispanics that can increase brand loyalty

Know your target

When you start a company the first thing you have to do is research. If you are part of the Latino community it is easy because you have a niche. That is great but even within the said market, there are even more. A thorough study will help you see how many Hispanic Markets are there. Depending on the type of business you are doing it will make a difference. In Negocios Now we are aware of the Latino Community and its growth. But, do you? The best way to start checking this is by doing some nice investigation work. Thus, you need to know how to get to them. But language isn’t enough. You need to stay culturally relevant.

The U.S. Hispanic audience is gaining economic prominence in the coming years. This is why it’s important you take all of the aspects we mention into consideration. The key is to offer unique ways to engage. You can never lose this way!


Presence is all

Another great thing to do is networking. This term is familiar and well used by us. It means going out there and exchanging information with other business people. Chicago has events that are focused on the Latino Community. A great example is 40 Under 40. If you are looking to expand your reach this place is a great one to start. There are more networking events but if your target is this community you should look for these ones. There are companies that target them as well. If you focus on knowing all of them your contacts will surely grow. Connecting with companies that have similar goals will provide growth to yours. Hispanic Markets are everywhere and it’s up to you to connect with them.

Speak the same language

It is not only about advertising products in Spanish. A bad marketing or even an inappropriate word can completely change the message of the product. That is why,  we help you in  investing in marketing specially for hispanic people. We know that talking about Hispanic audience, is talking about socially adept bilingual young people. Most of them are looking for brands that recognize them as an  positive audience. But, you don’t have to change the name of the product. We can change the slogan and the marketing in Spanish but keeping the original name of your product. Get In touch with us today. 


Engage in social media

The Hispanic market in the United States is an audience is really active in social media. That is why, a company like Facebook opened an office especially for the Hispanic audience. The idea was helping brands connect with audiences.,In other words, do not limit yourself by language. We will help you to manage social media. Remember that there are many bilingual and multilingual hispanic fans. The most important thing is to consider that the advertising message is within the socio-cultural terms. Our specialists will manage al social media campaign focus on your target audience. 


Reward is important

Hispanic consumers are more open to organizations engaging with the community.  That is why, companies are better recognized if they  give back through non-profit assistanceFor understanding the market, you should hire Hispanic marketing professionals. We can help you avoid mistakes and achieve a successful understanding of your message. We also recommend to join some Latin forums or events. Get in touch with the culture and try to understand the impact of it within the country.

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Where is the Latino Population Located in the US?

Well over 60% of the Hispanic  population in the United States is from Mexico. This influence is most noted in the Southwestern US, which includes Arizona, Nevada, Texas and California.

The other remaining 40% of Latinos in the United States hail from the Central America,  South America and the Caribbean.

With the top Hispanic cities: 

1Los Angeles 13.09%
2New York 9.781%
3Miami-Ft. Lauderdale 5.239%
4Houston 4.538%
5Dallas-Ft. Worth 3.638%
6Chicago 3.598%
7San Antonio 3.016%
8San Francisco-Oak-San Jose 2.901%
9Phoenix (Prescott) 2.558%
10Sacramento 2.154%

General Demographic Information 


  • Hispanic Population: 774,000
  • Total Population: 2.8 million
  • Hispanic Percentage: 27.4%
  • The largest percentage of Hispanic nationalities: Mexican and Mexican-Americans

Chicago Local Hispanic Market

  • The Hispanic population of Illinois is mostly made of Hispanic Millennials. And the Median Age is 27.
  • Most Chicago Hispanic’s income is $21,874.
  • The Hispanic population grew by 39.3% between 2000-2013.
  • 35.8% of Chicago, IL citizens don’t speak English as a first language.
  • 23.9% of the population of Chicago, IL are native Spanish speakers.
  • There are 1,971,000 Hispanics living in the city and suburbs, and there is 95% of Hispanics living in Illinois.
  • The Latino Neighborhoods in Chicago are Pilsen (89% of the Hispanic population), Little Village (88% of the Hispanic population), Belmont-Cragin (81% of the Hispanic population).

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