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Hispanic Markets In Chicago

Learn How Negocios Now Can Help You Connect With The Latino Community

Hispanic Markets In Chicago: Learn How To Reach The Ever-Growing Latino Community In Our City

Chicago is such a beautiful city. We have a lot of things to see and do inside it. Year by year we have seen changes everywhere we go and we have seen cultures growing and leaving their footprint in the city. One of the communities that have impacted the most has been the Latino one. Hispanic Markets in Chicago grow daily. They have new things to offer and they bring fresh ideas to Chicago. If you are looking to reach out for them, here in Negocios Now we can tell you how.

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Connecting Latinos For Years

One of our most important goals in Negocios Now is to connect all Latinos in Chicago. Be it with our Business Networking events or as a Spanish Media Company. Here in Negocios Now we believe that connecting is essential for growth. Hispanic Markets are without a doubt your next big opportunity. Either you want to start your business or expand it, you shouldn’t look away from these markets. This community is essential for any business and once you reach it you will see changes immediately in your company.

The Latino Community

A 163% increase in the Hispanic population between 2010 and 2050. The Latino Community is important in the consumer segment that you should keep on your radar. Don’t look away from them.

Annual Spending

Hispanic household spending will reach $978 Billion in 2020 – This is highest of any minority group. 

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Where is the Latino Population Located in Chicago?

On the West Side, the two most famous neighborhoods with a huge number of Latinos are Little Villager also known as La Villita and Pilsen. Here you will surely find a lot of the Hispanic population of Chicago.

When going to the Southeast you will find neighborhoods like Hegewisch with a good number of Latinos. Also, the far southeast that is near the Calumet river has a good number of Hispanic people as well.

If you are thinking of establishing your business in the Northside area of Chicago then Logan Square and Hermosa are two places you shouldn’t miss.

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