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HACE’s 37th National Leadership Conference in Chicago is almost here!


Interview with Patricia Mota, President & CEO of Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement (HACE)

Hispanic News Agency (HINA)

This year’s theme, “Beyond Latinidad: Identity, Intersectionality & Inclusivity,” aims to address timely issues the Latino community currently faces in the workforce. At a time where Latinos are greatly underrepresented as leaders in society, HACE’s 37th National Leadership Conference will unite top Latino leaders with over 1,000 Latino professionals to provide key insights on how these professionals can find success and become leaders in society. Furthermore, the conference will discuss the intersection of Latino identities with a mission to help foster inclusivity in all work environments.

NN: What kind of workshop can we expect?

PM: The conference will feature a variety of workshops with a focus on preparing the Latino community for professional success. Workshops will address leadership skills, talent development strategies, career management skills, effective negotiation tools and more. A full agenda of workshops offered can be found here.

NN: What will the participants be able to walk away with the event?

PM: Over the span of two days, HACE will offer a variety of developmental workshops, networking opportunities, panel discussions and more. The conference will provide attendees the tools they need to strengthen their professional network and become a leader in their industry. The first day is focused on leadership development and thought leadership engagement, while the second day focuses on connecting Latinos with recruiters from 30+ companies.  Attendees will have the opportunity to take professional headshots as well as participate in coaching and interviews with companies from over 10 industries.

NN: Why the Conference is a unique event?

PM: The conference provides an unmatched experience for Latino professionals who are looking to make a career transition. Participants will have the opportunity to learn first-hand from Latino leaders on how to become leaders and owners of their own destiny in the workplace, life and for their communities. With this year’s theme, “Beyond Latinidad: Identity, Intersectionality & Inclusivity,” the conference will raise awareness of the “Latinidad” concept, which recognizes the many different identities Latino’s represent and are multidimensional, not just from our culture but individual traits too. Attendees will hear from a powerful panel of Latino leaders on what Latinidad means to them, their individual identities, the intersection and impact of these identities, and how their stories help to foster spaces that build inclusivity in the workplace. In the span of two days, the conference will unite the community to showcase the ability Latinos have to become leaders in today’s workforce and provide them with the tools needed to do so.

NN: Any tips that you want to share with participants who are planning to attend the conference?

PM: For anyone attending the career fair on Friday, April 26th, participants should dress business professional and bring resumes and business cards to the event and prepare to network!

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