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George Burciaga: Innovator of the Year


George Burciaga had a dream to create DIGITAL products and services that would become a part of everyday life, that work together to deliver information on cities and attractions throughout the world.

His dream became a reality in 2011 with the launch of elevate DIGITAL, an interactive software firm and the first company to truly integrate apps, content, city information, and connective advertising at the street level. Elevate’s multi-sensory experience is delivered through interactive touch displays that are deployed in high-traffic areas. Its footprint encompasses more than 50 screens in Chicago, Milwaukee, and Las Vegas, and other cities are on the horizon for 2014.

Burciaga created an interactive platform that connects customers to brands at street level and builds new impressions via mobile, social and email channels, unlike traditional digital marketing which creates only static impressions.

George Burciaga, chairman & CEO

elevate DIGITAL

Innovator of the Year – Negocios Now’s Who is Who Gala Event.