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Eduardo Gueiros


Digital Partnerships

Age: 30

Organization: National Basketball Association

Title: Senior Manager

City: New York City

State: New York

Eduardo Gueiros works for the National Basketball Association (NBA) in its Global Partnerships & Media team, where he focuses on licensing and sponsorship partnerships across the video game and blockchain industries.

He began working for the NBA over six years ago, first in the league’s London office before moving to New York. Throughout his time at the league, Eduardo has helped introduce new licensing and marketing partners to the NBA, played a role in launching a number of NBA mobile games, and has also produced a wide array of video game-related content on the NBA’s Twitch channel.

More recently, he has worked closely on the NBA’s blockchain strategy, highlighted by helping launch the NBA’s first blockchain product, NBA Top Shot.

Originally from Brazil, he attended Georgetown University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English, Economics, and Business Administration. After graduating, he worked as a Rotational Associate in Washington, D.C. at Optoro, a technology company focused on reverse logistics solutions.

Over the course of his life, Eduardo has lived in six countries and moved between them ten times. However, he has finally settled in the United States, where he’s lived for the longest consecutive period of time.

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