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The energy sector is essential to daily life, not just turning up the heat on a cold night or filling up the car on the way to work, but more broadly in fueling the economy and creating jobs and keeping the U.S. competitive and independent.

Community Energy Center is a clearinghouse for information and a forum for ideas, commentaries and analyses from a diverse chorus of voices about the intersection of this critical part of the economy and America’s communities of color. While America has abundant natural gas and oil resources and the expertise to deliver it to consumers, many Americans face hardships with even modest increases in utility bills or the price of gasoline at the pump.

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It takes an enormous amount of energy to keep America running strong. Even in the midst of a pandemic, factories continue to produce goods, which then move by road, rail, air and sea through global supply chains. Natural gas and a wide array of petroleum products are shipped through pipelines to every corner of the country. Electricity generated from natural gas, coal, nuclear, solar and wind enables online work and education and bringing on whatever suits us. An all-of-the-above strategy makes the most sense for our country.

The energy economy involves millions of people, many of them essential workers. At Community Energy Center we will explore how people of color interact in the energy ecosystem. We will take a deeper look at the jobs tied directly and indirectly to energy production, the benefits to consumers, the innovations to safeguard the environment, and energy companies’ commitment to the public and social good – all with focus on the unique perspective and experience of our diverse communities.

When the economy recovers, our energy needs will inevitably grow as well. To meet those needs, we will have to use every resource we have while being relentless in the pursuit of technological innovations that will serve people – as well as the planet we all share.

People of color not only will be shaped by an evolving energy sector, they will shape it. Community Energy Center welcomes perspectives from commentators and journalists from publications in diverse communities to promote a deeper understanding of how energy matters play a role in the daily life in our communities and to explore opportunities for minority citizens to participate in the energy sector’s growth and vitality.